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Online User Manual

View Access Virus Editor User Manual online. Includes most recent updates / changes.
Access Virus Editor & Librarian is an AAX, AudioUnit, VST2, VST3 and Standalone App to control ANY Access Virus hardware synthesizer right from your DAW.

This plug-in works as AAX, AudioUnit, VST2, VST3 plug-in in all DAWs and Standalone App. Download the DEMO today, read the setup guide and give it a go, it will be worth it!

Compatible with:
Access Virus A, B, Rack, C, Rack XL, TI, Snow, Polar
Plug-in Format:
AAX | AudioUnit | VST2 | VST3 | Standalone Application
Plug-in bit depth:
Minimum OS:
Windows 7 | macOS 10.12
with Plug-in Format compatible host
Other Notes:
Version 3 is available! AAX for Windows is coming soon.
32-bit support is discontinued with v3 release


Access Virus Editor / Librarian Plug-in is the perfect editor for everyone who has been requesting a stable and solid Virus Editor for a long time now. After several years ago, Access Music introduced their Virus TI synth range, which was boosted up with massive features such as audio stream directly into your DAW via USB and also the Virus plugin. Due to these great features, the most loved editor & librarian program “SoundDiver” was forgotten and many Virus users instantly upgraded to Virus TI and perhaps forgot their Virus A, Virus B or Virus C synth. Well, it is time to pick those synths up, connect the PSU, audio and MIDI cables!

We created the Access Virus Editor plugin to meet the standards required for DAW-working environments: Edit your Access Virus hardware synth directly from your DAW without flipping thru different applications, organize patches within your plugin window to load, edit and save them directly to your HDD. You can run our plugin in Mac & PC (64bit).

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What is AURA Plugins?

General Knowledge Level

Random articles with tips’n’tricks to work with our plug-ins

AURA Plugins Ltd is a new company taking over Mystery Islands Music plug-in / application development.

Only thing that changes is that AURA Plugins has more staff to handle support and development of future products.

Plug-in / Application data folders are located in AURA Plugins folder instead of Mystery Islands Music folders.

Does this plug-in generate sound?

FAQs Knowledge Level

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at the moment. You can only control the real synthesizer with our plug-in.
In future, there will be PRO upgrades available, which will eliminate the need of the hardware completely and our plug-in works as a regular VSTi / AudioUnit / AAX instrument plug-in.

What are the plug-in requirements?

FAQs Knowledge Level

Frequently Asked Questions

You need the real hardware synthesizer which the editor is made for. If PRO upgrade is available, hardware is not required. List for requirements:

  • You need the real hardware synth, which the editor is made for.
  • Version 3 requires 64-bit AAX, AudioUnit, VST2 or VST3 host for Mac & PC.
  • 32/64-bit AudioUnit / VST host for Mac or PC.
  • MIDI interface. A good one which supports SysEx messages. Don’t buy anything which is less than 50€.
  • Direct MIDI in / out connection between your synth and the MIDI interface. No MIDI Thru connections or MIDI in only / MIDI out only connections.
  • Audio cables from the synth to soundcard or mixer in order to hear the sound.
  • At least FULL HD resolution.

Why my DAW crashes when I set MIDI in / out from the plug-in?

FAQs Knowledge Level

Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to follow our User Guides to setup your DAW environment properly before using our plug-ins.

Which functions are not available in the DEMO version?

FAQs Knowledge Level

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. User can not save requested data from synthesizer to HDD.
  2. User can not store patches from librarian to synthesizer.
  3. Total Recall is disabled. This means, your last used plug-in settings will not be sent to your synthesizer up on loading the project.
  4. MIDI Learn is disabled. User can not map favorite CC controls to plugin / application parameters.
  5. Plug-in parameters are not visible for DAW to automate.
  6. User can not store MIDI CC Mapping files.
  7. User can not store UI DATA files (arrangements).
  8. Demo version can not be registered.

Where is the plug-in User Manual located?

FAQs Knowledge Level

Frequently Asked Questions

UPDATE 2022-January-04

Plug-ins which include User Manual in PDF format to date:
Roland JP-80×0 – Waldorf Pulse2X

You can also view User Manual in online format at User Guides section.

Since version 3 framework update is major, we will publish PDF with the final release version. While we are working to update the product, you can find all the details for setting up the plug-in and synthesizer from the User Guides & Knowledge Base.

You can also find our YouTube playlist for Access Virus Editor plug-in, which covers most of the DAWs in Mac and PC environment.

Why plug-in displays DEMO version after purchasing the license?

FAQs Knowledge Level

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to download and install FULL version of the plug-in in order to register it. Check next question for instructions.

Do I need to remove the DEMO before installing FULL version?

FAQs Knowledge Level

Frequently Asked Questions

No. FULL installer will overwrite the DEMO version from your harddrive.

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