Configure Waldorf microQ for our plug-in

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Configuration articles and guides for software and hardware. These settings are mandatory unless otherwise stated

Instructions what to do before inserting our plug-in to project

First we need to make sure the hardware is ready to communicate with the software. In order to do so, we need to make sure that some pre-required settings are set accordingly.

Plug your MIDI cables to the MIDI device and Audio Jacks to your mixer / soundcard.
MIDI out from synth to MIDI device in and vice versa. No MIDI thru or other ports.

Configure Waldorf microQ for our plug-in

Fire up your microQ and enter Multimode with “Multimode” button. Our plug-in is designed to work in Multi Mode, to access all 16 parts from single plug-in instance. Single mode is not supported, and never will be.

Configure Waldorf microQ for microQxR

Configure Waldorf microQ – Enter Multimode

  1. Multimode button.
  2. Global Settings button.
  3. Jog wheel to view different page.

After entering Multimode (button no.1), open Global settings (button no.2) and scroll to first “page” with the Jog wheel (no.3).

  • GlobalChn = we prefer to set this at channel 16.
  • SysEx ID = 1 preferred. This will be auto detected once the MIDI in and MIDI out is set at the plug-in.
  • Arp Send = your choice.
  • Ctl.send = Ctl+SysEx.
  • Ctl receive = on.
  • Clock = Auto.
  • Rx PrgChg = Nmb.+Bank.
  • Tx PrgChg = Nmb.+Bank.

All set! We are now ready to open our plug-in in DAW!

To get more information about how to adjust your synth, read the Waldorf microQ User Manual.

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